CBD Skincare | Does it actually do anything?

CBD Skincare is an industry that has grown significantly over the last few years, going from something that was pretty unknown and a backstreet Pseudoscience. CBD Skincare has become something that is highly sought after becoming a luxurious and highly beneficial industry. CBD has gone from simple oils and vaping liquids, into being an industry […]

How much CBD should I be having?

When starting with CBD skincare, it is a very personal experience and each person is very different, desiring a different starting dose and selecting the different CBD Skincare products that are going to benefit them in the best way. Your CBD Skincare journey is all about you and should make you feel great. If you […]

The CBD Skincare industry is growing!

There has never been a better time to start in the world of CBD. Whether you are looking for some much-needed relaxation or want to make your skin glow again, using CBD skincare products may be able to help you feel more relaxed and help your skincare routine flourish. CBD use is on the rise […]

What is a CBD Bath bomb?

Typically a CBD bath bomb is a palm-sized sphere object made up of salts, scents, and vitamins, when placed into a bath o warm water the bath bomb will begin to fizz and bubble filling the room with the glorious aromas from the oils that were in the bath bomb, however, at Canna Magic we […]

It must be LOVE

The first few months of the year are always about love, from Valentine’s day in February to mothers day in march, it’s all about love. At Canna magic we have the perfect CBD bath bomb to carry on that feeling of love all through the year. The love CBD bath bomb promotes a feeling of […]

What are the skin benefits of using CBD

CBD Skincare has become a worldwide phenomenon, with millions of people around the world participating in the use of CBD products to help in their skincare routine. Having a skincare routine is important to ensuring the health of your skin. Skin is the largest human organ and needs caring for both on the outside as […]

Essential CBD Skincare Tips

Brunette woman applying CBD facial cream made from cannabis extract for a natural cbd skincare treatment. Portrait of young woman with cannabis leaf. Cosmetology and treatment concept. Isolated on gray background

Do you want to start a easy skincare routine but have no idea where to start? CBD skincare could be for you. This is especially effective if you have no time or budget to hit the spa’s or spend money on the most expensive products in the skincare market. Below are amazing CBD skincare tips […]

Everything you need to know about CBD edibles in Nottingham

Marijuana leaf plant cannabis herbal tea and capsule on dark background / Hemp leaves for extract medical healthcare natural selective focus

CBD products are becoming more and more popular in Nottingham, across the UK and around the world. It’s no surprise that more ad more products are making their way into the market, each bringing their own benefits. CBD edibles in Nottingham are another example of this. If you’ve always been curious but have never really […]

Myths about CBD products in Nottingham that need debunking

Cannabis oil, CBD oil cannabis extract, Medical cannabis concept.

There are numerous blogs and articles about CBD products in Nottingham that mention things that are simply very dismissive of the true benefits CBD can bring. More often than not, many people won’t even get as far as reading the articles as there are many misconceptions and negative stigma surrounding CBD. In this article, we’ve […]

Do CBD products help boost your immune system?

Closeup on table organic medical marijuana drugs. Regular moderate consumption cannabis helps slow progression Alzheimers disease and other neurodegenerative diseases. Analgesic effect

We’ve briefly touched upon the health benefits that CBD products in Nottingham can bring but today, we’re going to really hone in on how CBD can help to boost your immune system. Before discussing the advantages, we’re going to give you a true understanding of how it works and how you can really benefit from […]