CBD Skincare is an industry that has grown significantly over the last few years, going from something that was pretty unknown and a backstreet Pseudoscience. CBD Skincare has become something that is highly sought after becoming a luxurious and highly beneficial industry.

CBD has gone from simple oils and vaping liquids, into being an industry that no manufactures all types of skincare, oils and hair care products. At Canna Magic we are responsible for manufacturing our own line of bath bombs, oils and magic balms all directed towards helping you support your skin. However, we also stock over 300 CBD skincare products from bath bombs that we manufacture right the way through to shampoos and nail care treatments.

365 CBD 580mg

What is CBD?

CBD is found in different variants of Cannabis that exists. CBD comes from the cannabis plant however is not inclusive of any hallucinogenic or THC which remains an illegal substance in the United Kingdom. CBD was granted limited legal medical use in the UK in 2018 in exceptional medical circumstances.

CBD is a completely legal substance in the united kingdom, which has now become a widely used compound in the skincare industry.

What are the benefits of using CBD Skincare products?

CBD does not yet have any recorded scientifically recognised skincare benefits, however, from self-reporting, we are able to find what people have thought about CBD products and how these have helped them in their skincare routines.

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