The first few months of the year are always about love, from Valentine’s day in February to mothers day in march, it’s all about love.

At Canna magic we have the perfect CBD bath bomb to carry on that feeling of love all through the year. The love CBD bath bomb promotes a feeling of love through your body giving you that warm fuzzy feeling. With Geranium Rose, Ylang Ylang, and Patchouli and a hint of orange, the skin benefits are never-ending.

When we created the LOVE CBD Bath bomb we wanted to give you a refreshing feeling that soaked into your skin penetrating any stresses and aches and pains you had throughout the day, when we tested the bath bomb we found just that, an experience that was both relaxing and refreshing with a strong moisturizing feeling that followed. The petals that lay in the bottom of the bath after proving as a reminder to love yourself and take some time, at least once a week to show yourself some true love.

If you are using the CBD Bathbomb as an entry to a romantic night the scent left on your skin will be sensual and delicious, and long-lasting, the scent is so powerful it will fill your house with the feeling of love.

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