Typically a CBD bath bomb is a palm-sized sphere object made up of salts, scents, and vitamins, when placed into a bath o warm water the bath bomb will begin to fizz and bubble filling the room with the glorious aromas from the oils that were in the bath bomb, however, at Canna Magic we do things a bit differently, we create bath bombs that are bigger, more full of scents and offer you a more luxurious experience. Our bath bombs are square with our logo pressed into the top, they are about the size of your whole hand, you can small the scents used the moment you remove the film from the bath bomb, infused with CBD our bath bombs are designed to give you an experience that you can have over and over again, with a wide range of scents and aromas to choose from, we can help you choose self-love and self-care above everything else.

All of our bath bombs are made by hand in our Nottingham factory and we use high-grade, responsibly sourced CBD to ensure the safety of our customers.


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